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Saving money and clipping coupons!?
Regarding coupons - what you want is to start using coupons the smart way, so you can get much more out of them. Check out this article about effective coupon strategy: It will teach you how to save big money with your coupons. But there are more...

Was it worth getting an Engine Flush?
First of all UNFORTUNATELY american CASTROL is not as good as EURO Castrol, and your engine will NOT work it[s best without a FULL Synthtic oil like MOBIL ONE 0W-30. GTX oil is NOT synthetic and will breajk down sooner beacuse of the method they use to refine it. Using the MTOR FLUSH is a GOOD...

Extreme Couponing Ideas?
In my area, there is a supermarket called Weis Markets. They let you double coupons as long as it doesn't go over $1. There are also a lot of coupons online. But seriously, I don't know how the extreme couponers do it...:(

Does anybody need a Licensed Electrician in phoenix?
Try Craig's list or other local advertising. Those envelopes of ads sent to homes might work, Give the coupon for the 5% price beating on the ad. Offer small services not just the big jobs, I hired someone to put 220 in my garage in case I ever buy a welding machine. Maybe you could offer...

Amazon Coupon/Promotional codes?
here is your best landing page for the same. i use the same source to avail all ongoing promotion & deals.