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Popular Q&A

Where to find coupons for popular attractions in chicago?
choosechicago,com,, (Your card will get you some discounts).

What is the cheapest quality food you would stoop to for your dogs?
I would not to purchase a brand of kibble high in unnecessary bulking ingredients like wheat & rice, because its low on nutritional value for the dog. Meat has to be the first item listed, followed by ingredients I can at least tolerate....not animal derivative or of vegetable origin...what...

Where can i find coupons for stuff? like makeup and groceries..i shop at stores like walmart and cvs?
Walmart and CVS do not issue their own coupons to save in their store. CVS does have that reward program but for regular merchandise you find coupons online or in the sunday paper coupon section.I get those money saving packs delivered to my apt building with the sunday coupons but I still...

How to make a boyfriend coupon or gift certificate?
Dusting Services This coupon is worth 2 hours of maid services. Our company will wash dishes, vacuum, and hang pictures, etc. Maid will probably rearrange furniture to her own tastes as well. Must be redeemed before Thanksgiving. No cash value.

Which offers are best coupons or mail in rebates ?
Coupons are always better than mail in rebates as you may lose the mail, the check may get lost or you may simply forget to submit the rebate. In case you are looking for coupons for any auto repairs like oil change, tires, brake etc. you can log on to and download free...