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Popular Q&A

Is there much point of staying at a Walt Disney World resort?
Absolutely! There are many benefits to staying at a Disney Owned resort that you would not receive from most off-property resorts. Here's a short list: Park Admission when the parks are crowded - Disney Shuts down the parks in phases during busy times, starting with shutting down the parking...

Itunes song coupon?
well make sure that you are typing the code correctly or the coupon is still valid or you didn't use it if none of it works then contact itunes and you maybe cannot create an account and if you can then maybe only from the itunes website.

Im making a coupon book!?
Just in case he wants to show off the coupon book to friends or family - keep them G rated and something that you won't be blushing when he pulls it out of his pocket. Suggestions below are all pretty much G rated. "Night out with the boys" "Foot rub for X minutes" or "back rub" - stress relief...

Pampers Cruisers?
YES! I had the same problem. At minimum, ONE diaper would be tossed from every pack. It frustrated my husband to NO END. I logged on to and reported the problem. NOTE: If you are not yet a member and logging points for ALL the Pampers diapers and wipes you buy, DO IT!! Pampers...

Has anyone been on a Norwegian Cruise?
I have been on many NCL cruises, about 8 all total, and just cruised on the NCL's Gem last November which is identical to the Pearl. The ship was nice, kinda funky in its decorations with some really odd and different type furniture in its lounges. The ship has a rock climbing wall, a bowling...