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Popular Q&A

What present should I give to my former teachers (they're writing my letters of recommendation)?
A wrist watch, perfume,and a thanks card with some chocolates make your gift special. just have a look on these profitable coupons that would help you to get discount on your Christmas purchases. Just check this website from where you can collect these fantastic coupons for free. Merry christmas...

How do you Coupon to get your bill down low?
I assume you live in the Chicago area. 1. The sundae Tribune is very good for ice cream. The Sunday Tribune is a newspaper. 2. Save coupons for anything you may want to eat. Also, go to your favorite brands' web sites and sign up for coupons: many companies will e-mail you printable grocery...

What is a good hotel in La Vegas NV to stay at?
It really depends what you're looking for. For spectacular 5 star suites, the Encore or Aria will do. For 5 star rooms, the Bellagio is always a classic. For a party hotel, Planet Hollywood can't be beat. For the best bang for your buck, the Flamingo is always good. And lastly, if you just...

Is royal canin a really good dog food brand?? so iams and other pet store brands aren't as good? and where?
Iams dog food is an excellent food for your dogs! 2 of my dogs eat Iams Premium Protection- I have worked at Iams for 2 1/2 years and since putting my 2 dogs on this formula- they have trimmed down and have the healthiest, thickest coats now. If you go online and join, there often...