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Popular Q&A

Small Bus. Tax Deduction - Discount Coupons & Sales?
Generally if you have a Schedule C, as a sole proprietor, you would combine all of the income you made together. 100 transactions of selling a $15 item, (where you made $10, after subtracting the $5 coupon each time) would equal $1000 in cash sales. -------------------- Using the information...

Ever heard of these "gDiapers"? Anyone use them?
We use gDiapers and we LOVE them! They are super trim for cloth, very cute, and easy to use and wash. We didn't have any trouble with the flushables, we even have old plumbing and it worked just fine. But what we really love is using cloth inserts with them! It saves us a lot of money! They...

Tour Guide?
I made a 5 month trip to Alsaka with my wife in '06 and plan to return in '09. Our returned trip has been delayed twice due to my prostate cancer. Either I will be cured or terminal next April, so we decided to go. We left Florida April 20, 2006, arrived in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada...

I got a perm, but I think it looks dumb.?
i had a horrible perm, and i wanted it gonee. so i went to sally's and picked up this straightening stuff called One 'N Only Curl Relaxer. it's supposed to tame down the curl, but it took mine all the way out and left it pin straight. it's like 8 bucks, but they had a coupon under it and it...

How does one find the best value in paper goods?
Unit prices just don't work for TP, for all the reasons you mentioned above. I agree with this review. White Cloud from Walmart IS the best value for the money. Typically less than 40 cents a roll. Northern is the best national brand value for the money at under 50 cents a roll. Charmin is...