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Popular Q&A

Coupons for crest whitening strips 3D?
Hi. If you sign up at the Crest website, you might be able to get a coupon that way: Many companies offer coupons on their websites, so it's worth signing up. If you don't want these companies having your regular email address, just open a new one (yahoo...

Best shopping location in USA?
New York is the best, as far as I know. I'm not a fan of Century 21. Macy's in Manhattan is a great store. They have very pricey clothes to more affordable. Be sure to pick up a local paper (Daily News, not NY Times) for coupons. Macy's usually has them from Wednesdays through Sundays...

Bought a mattress set then recieved flyer it was going to be cheaper in a week!!! Costco??? CONSUMER RIGHTS?
there little or no consumer rights in the US refunds,returns, exchanges,etc are all company policy not law

What are the off-peak days at Coach Factory Outlets?
In all honesty you want to go on a weekend or holiday... Typically they will hand out coupons as you walk in on these days that are good for everything - even sale items. It's a great way to get great items cheaper! You might want to call ahead. They may tell you over the phone when they will...

Where to get hotel promotion codes/coupon type codes. Wanna get a cheap hotel.?
I have a formula that I use when I want to find a great price on a hotel room. 1. Go to to search for hotels in the area you want to stay. You can include all sorts of criteria and amenities in your search. This will give you a good idea of where the least expensive hotels...