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Popular Q&A

Harbor Freight Tool 20% Coupon?
I've never had a problem using a coupon at Harbor Freight. As long as the coupon isn't expired or something like that they should honor it with no hassle.

Where can i find coupons for Macy's?
for macys just click the below link for other retail store just go to and search with the store name .... with in no time the page for the required retail store will appear on your screen.

Generic Diapers/Pull-ups?
I do the cheapest also, having 2 in diapers and 1 in pull-ups. I buy wal-mart brand. I really like Publix and walgreens, but you will pay a little more. The flea market where I live usually has someone selling Walgreens brand for a few dollars cheaper. Is there a community website or something...

Noxema,neutrogena,cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, or oxy face wash with 10% benzoyl peroxide? whats the best?
today i brought neutrogena all in 1 acne scrub and what it does is clear past and future acne also it has a scrub and it reduces acne marks so all in 1 lol it was 8.99 but neutrognea has a coupon on their website for 2$off so its a good price and i think you should give it a try plus the reviews...

Are Gerber 1st fruits and veggie's organic? ?
Yes, some of the first foods are organic. It not only will say organic plainly on the label, but will also bear the USDA certified organic symbol. Also, Earth's Best baby food is exclusively organic. Giant Eagle grocery store has a house brand of organic baby food as well. Earth's Best has...