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Popular Q&A

Free printable coupon sites?
Here are a few: But if you're going to use coupons, why not do it the right way? What you need is to get yourself acquainted with Smart Coupon Strategy - On a nut...

Question About Cord-Blood?
You can donate your baby's cord blood. If you know somebody in particular who might be able to use it, call a cord blood bank and they will do it for free, because if the cord blood is able to successfully treat the patient, it's great advertising for that bank. Since banking cord blood is...

Where can I find cheaper garage parking in San Francisco?
You could park at one of the airport parking lots. The outside lots average about $10/day. Take the shuttle to the airport, then take BART back to the city. Here are the lots near SFO: Both Skypark and PCA are good- Skypark has the option of covered...

I am wonder if I get a new version of a Internet Security package right now will my unepired days move forward?
I usually shop based on the best deal for a new license or renewal since sometimes a new price is better. You can't bring forward days form different vendor's. If you uninstall your old package the days left do not always add on with a new package so I leave it to the last few days. Every penny...

Staples coupons?
Search google for "Staples Coupons" there's a ton of coupon websites that maintain lists of current discount, promotion codes, etc.