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Popular Q&A

I need a plain black turtleneck, where do i get it?
LLBean or LandsEnd are actually pretty reasonable and they always have closeouts.....try their website and look for free coupons online too.

Going Green! I am a new vegetarian and am looking for new (and inexpensive) way to live sustainably. IDEAS?!
Do some container gardening as well for fresh food...Heres pictures of mine...a herb garden out of aluminum rain gutter..raised beds with good compost..That will help going green and help keeping you "greenless" in a financial term...You will save money

Does anyone have a Carnival Cruise coupon or code to save a few bucks?
There is a lot of variation in prices between booking websites. I would check several to compare prices. Surprisingly the best deals are not always found on the cruise line website which makes no sense, but it still happens. I've included a link to one of the booking websites that I've used...

What is your favourite brand of contact lenses and why?
I love my Acuvue Oasys lenses! They're bi-weekly disposables, but I can easily get over a month out of them. They're a little higher than other contacts, but definitely worth it. I love them because you can't even feel them while you're wearing them. Give them a try. You can find coupons...

Chicago vs. San Diego?
I live in SD and have visited Chicago many times. Summers can be brutal in Chicago. Lots of heat and humidity and chance of rain. San Diego has much better weather and is a one of the most beautiful cities in the country. I enjoy both, encourage you to see both cities but if I had to pick one...