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Popular Q&A

If you have tried the makeup..'Bare Minerals'...?
I love bare minerals. Love it! Love it! I have roseaca, big pores, and blotchy, pale skin. This rocks. I don't bother with the eye shadows, blushs, etc. I'm strickly a foundation and mineral veil girl. I go through 3-4 foundations a year. At $20 a pop, that really isn't a lot to spend...

Where would be a cool cheap place to go in Vegas?
When you go to Las Vegas these usual things you will want to see for FREE: 1. Number one on my list is to watch the fountains displays in front of the Bellagio hotel. It usually runs every 15 minutes in summers starting at 3:00 PM- runs continuously until about midnight. Each show is different...

Where to get free candy or candy coupons?
Try and search for "candy" under "Everything Else" tab. Right now it has 3 promo codes for candies. Hope this helps. Good luck candy hunting!

Anyone tried Enfamil Next Step?
Yeah and my daughter got soo consitpated that she had to go to the ER!!! We slowly switched out the regular enfamil for the next step over like 2 weeks when she was 9 months. After a few days of all next step she stopped pooping or they would be really hard little poops. So after another day...

Moms, have you tried Big Lots products?
Never bought or looked at baby food there, as when my son was a baby we did not live in a town with a big lots. We live near one now, and shop there pretty often. The brands of food that they carry are REAL brand name food, not knock offs or store brands. They have Chef Boyardee Ravioli, or...