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Popular Q&A

What is the best dog food brand for a german shepherd puppy?
Named meats should be the main ingredients in a dog food. Meat is what dogs are meant to eat not grains and very little to no fruits and veggies. Grains are hard on dogs digestive systems and don't have much nutritional value. Things that shouldn't be on the ingredient list: unnamed meats,...

How do you calculate Yield to Maturity on a Tex. Instrum. Financial Calculator?
Here is an example: You have a bond with a par value of $1000 and a price of $1000. It pays 5% annual interest semi-annually, and matures in 30 years. (i.e., 60 $25 coupon payments). 1. Turn on calculator 2. Hit [2nd] [CLR WORK] to clear the financial functions. 3. -1000 [PV] 4. 1000 [FV]...

Is this a good tv? easy 10 points?
This is about the 3rd best tv brand in the market. Plasma tv still offer the best picture quality of any tv in the market today and also less expensive. Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the reviews. In September issue they featured a Panasonic Plasma 42" and compared it to a Sony...

Where can i get free printable coupons for hershey park?
I can't find any coupons, but I did find park tickets on e-bay and on this website there are discount ticket to purchase before you go. also has them for $37.95 if you are a member or know somebody that is. I believe when we went, we got discount...

NIKE promo codes/coupons?
I don't know of any coupon codes for next-day shipping but you can get free shipping for your online order until Dec. 22 for everything except NIKEiD products with coupon code JUSTDOIT