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Popular Q&A

Can Kroger coupons be used at Fred Meyers?
What?!?! Are you crazy? You try that **** and Fred himself will come out the back room and bitchslap you!

Slaving to brands, advertisements and coupons...?
no such thing as slaving to brands. top name brands usually make good quality products. you get what you pay for. when you start working you'll know how to spend you money. coupons are actually pretty good, not many people use them, and they save lots of money assuming that you actually use...

Where can I get a HOME DEPOT COUPON like 10% or 20% or more OFF?
Whenever I have changed my address, the free change of address packets at the post office have contained coupons for Home Depot, Lowes, etc.I also received a 10% off coupon when I signed up for their Home and Garden Newsletter.

How can I get Target formula coupons?
This is a repost: This one comes in Very handy for us!!!! I just learned that you can call this number for coupons for Target or Parent's Choice Baby Formula (it's the same thing--just Parent's Choice is from WalMart) You can call once a month and request them--but you can only request one...

What are some cheap places to eat in cancun?
If you step a little outside the touristic zones (Downtown Cancun, etc) you will find very reasonable prices. In the touristic zones people will be very abusive with the prices, that's why people prefer and all inclusive. Yes, there are tons and tons of Chinese restaurants all over the place...