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Popular Q&A

Why do people look at my coupons like they're foodstamps?
They are arrogant snobs who don't realize the value of a dollar. Be confident that someday they will. These are the same fools that run up so much credit card debt they end up going bankrupt sooner or later. One day they will be directed to Isle 3 for humble pie.

Are there any pack of cigarettes for $3-$4.50 residing in California?
Yeah, Pyramids, Mavericks, and Crown. Look for special coupons on the pack themselves you can sometimes get as much as $1.50 off Oh yeah, don't smoke, J/K

theres thorpe park coupons here

What do you want for christmas?
My Christmas List? 1) Socks, especially wool socks. It gets cold around here, and wearing wool socks to bed always feels good. In your sister's case you could get her some socks in bright colors, or some of those socks that have toes on them! Those are always fun to wear. 20 I need a can of...

Boosting tesco clubcard points?
If your local Tesco store has its own recycling centre for glass bottles, cans and plastic bottles then you can collect aluminium cans for recycling there. It gives you a point for every 2 cans. You swipe your card at the beginning and when you finish. Take a few walks with a plastic bag and...