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Popular Q&A

Good alternative to clarisonic?
Olay ProX cleansing System is great cost $30 at walmart and drugstore I saw alot COUPONS for $5 to $10 in Newpaper you can get for less. is very similar is cheap and makes the skin very smooth and soft

I am going to Lido Key in Sarasota Florida soon and I was wondering if anyone new any good coupons or websites?
In this below link you can get the discount coupons according to your requirement Is this helpful to you? Hope it had!

Hello! Does anyone know where you can get Pampers coupons? (Beisdes the website?)?
Not sure if your looking to buy them in a store or online, but has the Pampers Swaddlers in that size. They also have a $3 off coupon. With our 2nd and 3rd child, I starting buying diapers online in bigger quantities. If you buy $50 of dialers from them, you can also get it shipped...

Choosing a crib mattress?
If you are unsure of which mattress (as well as how firm it should be) to choose why not read reviews. Even if you are shopping at sears, you can still read the reviews section at amazon. The popularity of amazon is great because since so many people shop there, there are usually more thoughtful...