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Popular Q&A

Coupons For Books PLEASE HELP!?
Hm... I've only seen $5 of $50 from I think you've better off check for the title of the book to find retailers with better price and use to see if there are coupons that you can use. Amazon is a great place to find used books...

Haven't taking synthyroid for a while and finally started taking a high Dose is there a chance of shock?
This medication is known under various brand names such as Synthroid, Lexvoxyl, Levothriod and Unithriod. With your doctor monitoring you there should not be any problems, just make sure you give them a call if you have any questions. I will give you a side effects page for a quick reference...

What's the best haunted houses in DFW area? (Texas)?
I went to Cutting Edge in Fort Worth, which was nice and really big but a bit expensive. I think I paid around $28-$30 but you really get what you pay for. After that I went to the Scaregrounds in Dallas. It was $20 but once you got inside you had to buy coupons to do the different things they...

Starbucks Coupons Printable 2011 - Resource Online!?!?
Hey Lindsay, I love Starbucks as well. In my opinion, they have the best coffee around. Anyways I found a cool video that shows where to get a free gift card to Starbucks. All you gotta do is take a quick 5 questions or so survey and they'll send it to you. Here's the video if you wanna check...