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Popular Q&A

What is a good brand of puppy food to feed my puppies?
I work for Iams and would like to help you out. Iams puppy food has all the nutrients a puppy needs. It also has DHA which is the same nutrient used for human babies to help their brains develop to their full potential. Here are some other tips: in terms of weaning, if you soak the dry food...

I have very fair skin and i want a natural looking tan i want to use a lotion like jergins or nevia?
I have tried the Jergens. It actually turned me orange by the 3rd day, and was kind of streaky. This was when it was kind of new, way before the face version came out/ I complained to Jergens and they gave me a coupon for my favorite Jergins lotion, so I wasn't out any money, and they sent...

Fright Dome 2 for 1 coupons?
The website is saying that coupons can be found at Albertsons, Game Stop, Fabulous Freddy's Car Wash, and Del Taco, but they don't say what this discount is.

Massage Therapy Regular Client Question?
I am a retired Chiropractor. I presently assist/advise several alternative health care professionals on marketing issues. I strongly advise you to read some books on marketing. Books from the Guerrilla Marketing series ("Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days" is my favorite), anything by Seth Godin...

Where Can I find some ebay coupons , online codes?
Its really hard to find them now adays but you can actually buy them for pennies and save alot of money there available 24/7 too This website explains how to to the coupons for pennies and use them to save alot of money