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Popular Q&A

Christmas HELP?!?!?!?! I really want to make these people happy!!!!!!!?
¦ Person 1/Boyfriend - Perhaps a necklace with some sort of native american charm on it (maybe have the back engraved). Or a knife specially engraved. ¦ Person 2/Friend - Well... I'm an NCIS Addict, so of course I'm going to suggest getting her a t-shirt (like from Ebay. One that says "I'd...

Budget to save ourselves money?
When my fiance and I got engaged we opened a joint wedding savings account, we each deposit $200 a month (or more if we can) into it, in a year thats $4800. We also made it a "deposit only" account meaning, it would need both of our signatures to withdraw from it. What kinds of a dresses are...

The 15% pacsun coupon?
im not shure, i signed up for email & stuff. and so i got the 15% off coupon and as soon as i got it i used it ! haha but you could always try it and if it doesnt work then who cares? just cancel it to go to all your other emails & keep it for one (: hope this helps & good luck !

Fannie May $10 off coupon not working?
Sometime you must totally complete the transaction, then the discount is deducted. I can not speak for this company so proceed with caution.

Massage Therapy Regular Client Question?
I am a retired Chiropractor. I presently assist/advise several alternative health care professionals on marketing issues. I strongly advise you to read some books on marketing. Books from the Guerrilla Marketing series ("Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days" is my favorite), anything by Seth Godin...