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Popular Q&A

What is the best discount at Sesame Place?
First, Burger king had special coupons for admission. i think the weekday discount was $6 off for up to 6 people. Second, the seniors will get an automatic discount. so the only person paying full price would probably be you if you don't get the BK coupon Third, the kid is 2 so no ticket necessary...

What is the best brand of nail polish?
Personally I like Essie nail polish since it comes in very many colors and it tends to last longer than most of the other nail polishes I have used. It is a little expensive at $8 a bottle but if you go to Harmon's or Bed Bath and Beyond its a little cheaper and you can use the Bed Bath and...

Are men allowed to join jazzercise? or is it for women only?
ANYONE can join Jazzercise -- men and women, any age, any fitness level, no dance experience necessary, easy for beginners. Have you tried it yet? Definitely do! So much fun to DANCE your way to fitness!! Find your nearest Jazzercise class at -- click on Find A Class (it's...

I m looking 4 carter's baby clothing coupons somebody plz help......?
I haven't seen any coupons,but and carter outlet stores have a really good sale going on now.Hope it may help ya'

Are there any coupons for Freestyle Lite glucose meter test strips?
Yes, from the maker of your testing machine! Here is their website and they will give you 10 free strips and if you enroll with them, they will give you test strips for $15.00 co pay! That is a true bargain for these strips. FreeStyle® Official Site | Join the FreeStyle Promise®...