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Popular Q&A

Casio Z75 or Z1050 is a great choice, nice and thin, 7.1-10.2MP, lightweight, shoots photos and video with sound. Easy to use controls and a 2.5" screen to view. (my favorite) Recommend a Scandisk memory card, about 2GB. Check you Sunday...

Mommies (or daddies), what cleaning products have you tried that you loved...?
I splurged on the lowest end roomba, when it was on sale and I also had a discount coupon, and spent about $60. And I LOVE that thing. We have mainly hard floors and not very shaggy carpet, and its great for daily cleaning. Especially not having to sweep under the kids chairs after every...

So i'm printing out a coupon for hobby lobby..?
I just looked at the online coupon and it's "3911!" The only differentiation I think might happen when you print it out is that there will be a barcode included which will be unique to your computer/isp in some way, which would invalidate any other coupons printed. I've also seen elsewhere...

Is their a cheaper alternative to Pantene Shampoo?
I found a Pantene knockoff at Dollar General for 1.50. It was 2 in 1 and smelled and worked just like the name brand... I was surprised.

Do cats have any uses for coupons?
Ok, granted holding a birthday party for a cat is a little warped. Cats don't care about age (they don't have the same reality humans do) and I think the cat's owner needs to be more forthright about her desire to jump that man's body (why involve the cat? She needs to just ask the guy out)...