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Popular Q&A

My abasketball team is is a tournament and we need quick and fun things to do in Cincinnati for 5-10 people?
Well, you do not mention what time of the year you will be here or what part of town you are going to be staying, but here are some gernal suggestions: If it is going to be afte the first part of April you can check for some cheap tickets for a Reds game. Also, the Reds Hall of Fame is located...

In this puzzle there are clues to some fanciful phrases.?
1. Muu muu Mover 2. Yoyo Yodel 3. Cuckoo Coupon (ie Coo Coo coupon) 4. DODO Domain 5. Can Can Candidate 6. Bon Bon Bonfire 7. Chichi Sheila (ie she she sheila) 8. ? 9. RaRa Roger 10. No No Notion 11. Choo Choo Chooser 12. Walla Walla Wallaby

How do I make my sister feel happy and better?
I can tell you are a very sweet girl who deeply cares for her sister which Warms my heart.ideas: Rent her favorite movies Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows Her favorite Tea Soup Get her a bunch of magazines that she likes Paint her nails Make her a sick box: My sister and I used to always make...

Will the converter box that is offering the $40.00 coupons work with Comcast Cable?
Coupon type converter boxes only work with over the air signals. They were specifically designed so they can't be used with the type of TV signals used in any major cable system. There are TV tuners that can receive the same digital cable channels (QAM) that most new DTVs can receive, but they...

Women and coupons...?
I have the Entertainment book of coupons, so I dont cut them, they just tear out..... Maybe I've done it in my panties....