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Popular Q&A

Where can I find coupons for fresh foods?
you are right i have never seen coupons for fresh veg or fruit

Groceries on a budget?? A very tight budget for a family of 4...?
Well I have two kids and we are military and our grocery budget each week is $50-60 maximum. The reason for it being that high is simply because I get diaper too. So we basically spend about $40ish on food minus the diapers. I always buy the lowest priced apples and bananas. Or if apples...

Is it ethical to have a free beer tasting at an auction?
Thank-you for thinking in terms of ethics, not just what is good for you! I think giving away a total of 12 oz of beer might be a bit much. Some people have a low enough tolerance to get a real "buzz" off that, which could impair their judgment not only for bidding but for driving home. I...

How much do you spend for groceries for a family of 4?
Well, we live in Texas & I spend about that much, however I try to get by Sams at the very least once every 2-3 months. I spend about $400 there though, but I get everything I like in bulk... dish soap, shampoo & conditioner, soaps, tissue, paper towels etc and because I don't go as often...

Does this help you understand the illegal problem in this country?
Don't even get me started on this, and I'm already straying from my TC category, Food and Drink. This crap has been going on in Southern California since before I was a child: That's 52 years. And you're right, THAT SUCKS. Period. I'm a "Christopher Legal" and I get NOTHING to show for my...