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Popular Q&A

How can i get manufacturer coupons by mail? I don't have a printer to print them.?
Have you tried the local Sunday paper? Those coupons off the sites are practically worthless for things you'll never used. I try looking at them - nothing I want or need in any way. Take a look at them again - those online coupons stink. /

Where should we watch the Super Bowl in Las Vegas? ?
IMO, the Las Vegas Hilton's "Superbook" is the best place to watch and bet on the game In the LVH sportsbook the drinks are free, no drink coupons, like so many of the sportsbooks have gone to.. #2 would be Caesars Palace, followed by the Mirage and...

Athleta coupon on swimwear and beachwear for ladies, anyone? Here, you can find up to 50% off on all types of swimwear, sportswear, beachwares and many more. You can also find various ladies apparel and accessories online and almost everything has a deal related to it. Search and shop and enjoy the savings...

Does Walgreens pharmacy accept Rite Aid prescription transfer coupon? ?
I am not sure about Walgreens but if you take the coupon the CVS for a new prescription, they will accept it as a "competitors' coupon" even though you are filling a new prescription with them and not transferring. Most Rite Aids will not honor the coupon if you are getting a new prescription...

Ghiradelli Chocolate coupons?
Coupon Mountain may have them from time to time.