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Popular Q&A

Where can I buy American Spirit cigarettes?
Circle K Stores. BP Stores. Giant Eagle's Get Go. I don't know if these stores are in your area. You can go to the American Spirit's website and use their store location thing. While you are on their site, sign up for email. They won't spam you. They do send you some coupons for their cigarettes...

About how much does a jiffy lube oil change cost? And how does it work?
You'll spend anywhere from $25 to $35 for an oil change on your make and model. If you're looking to save a buck watch for coupons in the paper. They'll check your tires and fluid levels for you and sometimes clean the windshield. Watch out for the up-sale, i.e. transmission service, air filter...

I need aeropopstale coupons for online shoppping can you give me some?
Check out they usually have best online coupons for

Does anyone take suboxone? How much is your prescription?
SUBOXONE 8 MG-2 MG TABLET $215.37 for 30 at costco if there is one in your area. They have film-tabs now and most doctors have a coupon for it. Ask your doctor if he/she has a coupon for it.

Buying diapers for my grandma?
Depends would be the best. All nursing homes use them. They are available at Walmart for sure, though I am sure they carry them in home health supply stores and at various drug stores, such as Walgreens. You could check the Depends website for coupons.