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Popular Q&A

Help finding coupons to bring down grocery bill.?
Legit coupon web sites are required by the manufacturers to use the printer software. They don't want you cheating and printing out a thousand of the same coupon. The software is designed to keep track of how many coupons you print of each one and to limit that amount. Some of the older anti...

Do you think I am going to get fired from my job at Walmart for making an over $1300 mistake? My CSMs signed off on it with their manger key?
The Managers were there right they were watching. If you make a mistake they made a mistake as well. They should have said something about the coupons when you were scanning them. As long as your money wasn't off at the end of the day I don't see why you would get fired. If you haven't gotten...

Prescription coupons?
I believe you can write to the manufacturer of the prescription you want and tell them that you need help buying the drug because you have to pay out of pocket (no insurance) and some of them can send you a coupon for the particular 'script you are inquiring about. Write to the Customer Service...

Are there coupons online for the honey bake ham store?
What coupons? Where online? If you want coupons, search for "Honey Baked Ham coupons" online and you'll find a lot of them.

How to get carnival buffet coupon at rio hotel las vegas?
hi: while in "Las Vegas" there is an visitor's place which you can get buffet tickets for Rio Hotel&Casino by just asking an regstration desk clerk only if yourself plus guests staying two nites during weekends depending upon room availability .See http://www.riohotellasvegascasino/guesti...