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Popular Q&A

Where can I get coupons for FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony?
This is for Furreal S'Mores Pony. Kohls is having a sale on 12/8/08 from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST. The horse is on sale for $219.99. Use Code BUYME15 for 15% off then use Code TICKTOCK15 for an additional 15% off. The total comes to $158.94. In addition, shipping if free. I'm not sure how...

I need to find how much insurance would cost for a dodge charger, tune-up, tires etc including coupons?
If you currently have insurance, call them to get an estimate or shop around online for car insurance. As far as a tune-up, tires, etc., if this is a new car, you won't have to worry about that for a long time. A simple solution is to find out what size tires the car has and call a tire place...

Are there any coupon codes for Lunch Tote?
Built NY Tortuga Lunch Tote List Price: $22.99 Price: $18.08 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details You Save: $4.91 (21%) Product Features * Tested for lead saftey - No vinyl or PVC used * Moe with soft shell EVA exterior and neoprene * Insulates hot or cold...

I lost Kohl's Cash coupon - can they reprint my receipt and give me a new coupon?
I think you're asking ~ can Kohl's scan your debit card to give you another copy of your receipt. If that's it, my guess would be no. Your bank, however, can give you a printout of your debit card transactions. It should show up on there. *You could get that from the bank, and take it to...

Does anyone know where I can get a coupon for granola bars?
Try these three - they almost always have granola coupons! - Nature Valley, Kellogg's - nothing today but I might have missed it - Quaker I just printed some for Quaker granola bars yesterday.