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Popular Q&A

Can I use over the counter non-prescription glasses?
There is some inconsistency, you say your prescription is +1.25 but, mention not being able to see far (which is generally corrected with MINUS lenses). If it turns out that you do need minus power lenses, they are not available pre-made into glasses in drugstores, you would need to go to an...

Does anybody know where to get really awesome printable coupons?
Coupons sites I use weekly.. My favorite coupon sites..:-))

Where can I get pizza for a party under $40?
impossible if ur trying to do a party with pizza,, i tried with only 4 boys with me,, and costed me 68 even though i used all coupons i had

Tensile test, why the shape of test coupon?
The sample is cut this way to ensure that under tensile load it will break in an area that is remote from the clamping jaws If the sample was cut as a parallel strip, then it would often break at a weak spot very close to the clamping jaw, giving an incorrect result. This shape ensures that...