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Popular Q&A

Wax strips for upper lip? 10 POINTS!!!*****?
i used to use sally hansen waxing strips there the best i dont use them anymore cuz when i get my eyebrows threaded she just does my upper lip too and its easy to use thou my mom still uses them and it comes with an oil to remove the sticky ness and keep the pimples from happening and makes...

I'm looking for any promo codes for seaworld orlando discounts?
Phone the visitor center or chamber of commerce or both for orlando and they will mail you an info pack that has discount coupons in it. Also phone seaworld and ask them to send you an info pack. They usually include coupons.

Can i get discount coupons for olive garden restaurants?
Right now there aren't coupons at But check later, there might be or there are other good places.

Cheapest store online to buy football boots?
Official online Adidas, Puma, and Nike are the cheapest and safest way to buy football boots online. Sometimes they have good shipping deals. I was going to buy pair of boots from Adidas online, but i get 13% off in a local retail store, because i'm a BCSoccer referee memeber.

Which article of clothing should i go for?
The middle one, because you'll know 100% it will fit you properly. The 1st one is great, if you've bought that same size & brand jeans BEFORE. The 3rd one, too, if you've tried it in the store & KNOW it won't be too tight on your. Trying on a pair of pants or jacket, are difficult, because...