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Popular Q&A

What lactose free foods can one eat that contain Pro-Biotics?
I agree with rgdet. So Delicious coconut milk yogurt and kefir are dairy-free, delicious, and contain live/active cultures. You can even get $1-off coupons for them here:

Tacky to include a coupon with a restaurant gift card?
Since you are that close to them, I think it's okay to include the coupon. Everyone (wealthy or not) is wise to save a penny when possible! Last Christmas, a client with whom I work very closely wanted to send me and my husband to a very expensive downtown New Year's Eve party as a gift. The...

What is the best wine tasting tour around Temecula, California ?
The wineries in Temecula are so close together. I recommend that you drive yourself from winery to winery unless you plan on really drinking too much to be driving. South Coast has beautiful grounds and a nice gift shop. Thornton is a great place to sit and relax with a flight of different...

Are there any coupon codes for Animal Crossing: City Folk?
Try also Coupon Circuit City Amazon Online Coupon Codes Australia Folk Music Irish Folk Music Download Iowa City City High Zoo Animal Animal Animal Porn Animal Planet The Animal Jaguar Recent Searches Buy Phentermine On Line Propecia Pay Day Loans Tescos Car Insurance Internal Defibrillators

Help with AP Stat probability project?
So you have 500 people so maybe the CLT applies (it doesn't really and insurance companies have better life distributions than this). Anyway, from the life tables you can calculate how many people you expect to die each year. If you're an insurance company, you invest money to meet those...