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Popular Q&A

We delighted inform you your prize release on the 13th JANUARY 2008 from Yahoo... What kind of scam is this?
Another SCAM/FRAUD! Yahoo's reply- Is there a Yahoo! Lottery? Does Yahoo! Mail ever offer cash prizes? No. There is no Yahoo! Lottery, and we would never send you information about a contest you never entered. That’s the definition of unsolicited:...

I have an extremley itchy anus and surrounding skin and I don't know what to do. PLEASE help!?
Yikes! Three years is a long time to have been suffering! I am sorry to hear that . Here are some ideas: 1. Stop rubbing the area - cleaning and wiping too hard, as well as scratching at the area, are only going to inflame the area more. Also, try wiping with sensitive skin baby wipes (don't...

Should I get Free TransScan (Transmission scan) done at AAMCO?
Well, consider this. Do you ever attempt to fix things, and break them? Even if you're 100% sure of what you're doing? AAMCO doesn't break things anymore than anyone else does. It's just people working there, and all the training in the world doesn't prevent mistakes, accidents, etc. Nevermind...

My furnace is not blowing hot air into the house.?
you have a 2 stage condensing furnace. 90%efu, that is why you have plastic intake and flue. the furnace will operate on low as much as it can, producing luke warm air. when on hi it will blow hot air. the lower the temp outside the lower the pressure of propane. snow needs removed from around...

Where is a good place to "dumpster dive" for coupons near Milwaukee, WI?
Dumpster diving is dangerous. Be careful not to get poked by a needle. Plus its dirty. You can buy coupons on ebay super cheap. I have done it before. Search grocery coupons. Click on buy it now. Read what they say. Make sure they have top rated seller. example: