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Popular Q&A

If i want to buy a male timberland boot, how much would it usually cost in an outlet?
I have gone to the TImberland outlet in Tennessee (the only one in the state) and I have bought some for around $50.00. The wheat boots were no more than $65.00. The outlet is a lot cheaper, you should definitely go to the outlet and also be sure to get on their mailing list. If you do,...

Does Costco make good Dog Food?
I have had good luck with the Kirkland brand of dog food. I feed the lamb and rice to both my Sibe and my Chow mix and have had no issues with upset tummies or pooping problems. If you take the time to read the ingredients you will find that there are no animal by-products and the meat sources...

Guitar Center coupon question?
No you cannot. GC coupons are the biggest fraud in the history of retail music sales. Look at the list below of all the brands that these coupons do not apply to...basically every company you can think of. And yes, Jackson is on the list...of course. The following manufacturers have chosen...

Picture People or Portrait Innovations?
I took my son TWICE to get his 6 month pictures taken and was disappointed both times. So I think either place should be fine---just be prepared to communicate exactly what you want (I really wanted smiling photos and ended up with only 1 sort of useable photo---the best smiling one was taken...

Are there any coupon codes for Dino Fizz Hatching Aptosaurus Egg Bath Fizzy? Watch it Hatch! Aptosaurus Fruity fun scents of effervescent eggs fill kids' tub with prehistoric fun! As each Dino-Fizz egg dissolves, a baby dino pops to the surface. Techno - Grape Good Clean Fun® Made in U.S.A.