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Popular Q&A

Are there any coupon codes for GoRide for iPhone 3G 3GS?
GoRide for iPhone 3G/3GS List Price: $34.99 Price: $29.99 You Save: $5.00 (14%) Product Features * Easy attachment and removal: No fumbling and adjusting, just snap in your iPhone in and jump on your bike, and then snap it right out when your ride is over. * Cool design: The GoRide was designed...

Can I get free coupons online?
The coupon printer download is safe at some locations. If you go through the Walmart website it's safe. Walmart coupons are actually printed through and are also safe. I'm sure Targets are safe as well though I don't use those since I don't have a...

Parents choice soy formula
Walmart and Target have good deals on should be getting those coupons in the mail for like 5 dollars off every once in a while. If not then you may want to sign up for some on line. I have 3 kids and only my first son was able to take regular formula. I really like the soy because...

Why is the price of cooking oil (corn, vegetable, canola) going up?
There are 3 possibilities: 1. Inflation in your area has risen and prices of many other products are going up too. 2. There was an importing problem and for this reason the prices have gone up because the store still has to make as much income with a smaller amount. 3. Do you know what ethanol...

Does Walmart Accept manufacter's coupons?
not only do they accept manuf coupons, but they also accept coupons that specify a certain store (IE. sometimes there are coupons that say GOOD AT ONLY TARGET)