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Popular Q&A

Can someone get me a coupon for an oil change to walmart please?
pick up a flyer from there and see if they are running a special on oil changes.

TGI Fridays Coupons?
Absolutely! You need to sign up on the restaurant's website for their Give Me More Stripes program. They will send you coupons via email. For example, just this week, I got a coupon that is good for a buy one, get one free entree.

Where can i find printable grocery store coupons?
For a list of "all" food coupon go to: Food Printable site:

Scavenger hunt for teens?
1999 penny Target bag paper clip band-aid sweet-n-low packet Christmas plate Post-it note old shoe .25 coupon blue balloon sucker plastic spoon birthday candle pink crayon Ziploc bag envelope toilet paper roll comic strip artificial flower dryer sheet string ketsup packet ribbon or bow noisemaker

Registry Question?? In store or Internet ONLY? Does it make a difference?
At least when I registered, Macy's gave you coupons after the wedding to use on the items on your registry that you didnt get. So register for what you want, then if you have to buy it with the money you received as gifts, at least you'll get it at a discount (the coupons typically worked...