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Popular Q&A

Where can I buy nike bright free runs?
those are the main stores ask them if they will have any orders in soon, look around town see if you have any small shoe stores (my town has shoe department and one other) none of these stores had them so i went on bought my basketball shoes there and got basketball shoes off...

Does Sam's Club have free shipping coupons for online orders?
I work for Sam's and I have never seen or heard anyone have one of these "coupons"

Where is the best place to find free grocery coupons online?
It is very difficult to find "free" grocery coupons on-line. They will always cost something, time to fill out surveys, personal information, etc. I use a coupon clipping service called the coupon clippers. They charge a small fee and send them to you in the mail. I consider it an investment...

Help!! I was in Sam's Club and somehow a giant container of honey found its way into my cart?
Sweetie,use a drizzle in place of sugar for sweet items,or items that needs to be sweetened.You can drizzle it on toast,or in tea. You could use it when you make popcorn.Place the popcorn on a cookie sheet,(This is simply to mix and make sure the honey is drizzled evenly).Drizzle honey lightly...

Expensive Laundry soap verses cheap soap?
I like purex liquid and you can get it with softener in it so you won't have to buy sheets. Dish soap is another story. I hate generics because you end up using more. I buy huge bottles of Dawn and you can usually find coupons for it so I end up paying less for the good stuff than I would...