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Popular Q&A

I am planning a trip to Houston...?
NASA said no : But that would sound neat. If you like to go to clubs and bars, there's a good many on Main Street. If you're in for shopping, the Galleria has tons of stores concentrated there. There's many theaters downtown, and we're the 3rd largest...

Purina dog food isn't good?
ALL Purina dog foods are of low quality.All the fancy commercials make you believe that it is the best food on earth: I have researched this in depth since my poor dog died of kidney failure due to poor quality dog food!! (this is the only reason I answer these questions … to try and save a...

I want an entire new wardrobe........? Asap!!!!!?
Hollister and Pacsun are pretty expense, but if you have a coupon book, the clothes there would be more affordable. Best bet for getting new wardrobes would be checking out random stores in the mall because you can find some great selections of new fashions with reasonable prices (Agaci, Forever...

Don't you just hate chain e-mail?
yes!!!!!! i always get the same ones over and over again! some are funny though! like this one, it make fun of chain mail: To All My Friends Who Have Barraged Me With Those Countless Informative Emails, Thought I Would Show My Appreciation With A Big Thanks ...................................

I really want and need underarmour but its so much money!?
Check out your outlets & see if you have an Under Armour one near you, you can get really good deals on alot of stuff. Coldgear is used primarily for the cold which is considered at 55 degrees or less. The Heatgear is obviously for the summer to wick away more sweat off of you. Allseasongear...