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Popular Q&A

What is Plano, Texas like?
Plano is very nice, and very diverse. It's not that close to the stadium, but not a very bad drive (coming from California, I think everything is close here:) ... Plano is has very little crime, is family-oriented, and pretty. There's ALOT of shopping and many restaurants - and it's less...

Best U.S States for Sight Seeing.?
I live in ohio and we went to Arizona last year and it was AWESOME. So many things to do and breathtaking views and the water there is so clear and clean. Spend a Vacation at a Local Resort We have some of the best resorts in the country right here in the Phoenix area. Can you see yourself...

I think my boyfriend is doing coke again.?
Well you are in a pickle. I would tell you to buy a home drug test. When he is acting funny have him take one. Coke makes people have energy all of a sudden it is time to party and clean and joke. If you notice him acting a little too animated, if he sweats a lot too. I have a ton of GFs going...

1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport Coolant Question?
While this may not be the answer you are looking for you can probaby find a coupon to have a shop completely flush the entire cooling system for $49.99 to $59.99. Doing it yourself you'll be lucky to drain half the system out and is it really worth the time and grief?

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