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Popular Q&A

Can someone answer about Blue Buffalo?
Blue Buffalo is one of the brands I feed my cat. I feed her the Wilderness dry food (which is now grain-free) and the canned Healthy Gourmet. She likes them very much. You can find Blue Buffalo at PetsMart - one of the few quality brands they carry. I like to stock up when they have a sale...

Extreme coupon show, Where do they get the coupons for Free Toilet paper and laundry soap?
I have gotten them by writing to the manufacturers of the product. Usually a compliment and some some times a complaint. Either way I get free or almost free coupons from them. That is the only ones I have ever seen. But be aware that some stores will not accept "free" coupons or have other...

I need the 30 % coupon Code for Kohls...I want a Dyson!?
Hi, Get coupons from Kohls at I saw one for 15% Off with the code there. I would also suggest looking at other stores for that Dyson. Check on the website for stores like sears. Click on department category. That vaccum is a sweeet looking vaccum :)

About how much does a jiffy lube oil change cost? And how does it work?
You'll spend anywhere from $25 to $35 for an oil change on your make and model. If you're looking to save a buck watch for coupons in the paper. They'll check your tires and fluid levels for you and sometimes clean the windshield. Watch out for the up-sale, i.e. transmission service, air filter...

Have not rec'd res. rewards $10.00 check back for Feb. Gevalia order. ???
Call Gevalia.........get all the data right.........