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Popular Q&A

Is the co-op or the farmers market usually cheaper (vegan)?
I'm so glad you are taking charge of your health! Bravo! Living with serious illness is a major challenge, so it's awesome that you are being proactive and choosing a plant-rich diet! Which source is cheapest depends on a lot of factors, so it's hard to say. I get the best and cheapest produce...

Tiger Direct coupons????????????? Theres a lot of them on there Hope it helps -]

Supporting the troops question?
support the troops statement is misused by some. I very much support the troops but do not support the stupid people that put them in harms way

Need free Sunday newspapers for coupons.?
I'm sure the Sunday paper will never be free unless you either steal it or go someplace where they have newspapers around for people to read, like a coffee shop or restaurant. You could try asking the library or someplace else for their old copy on Monday. But there's no guarantee the coupons...

What is the best multi-vitamin?
I use Centrum,they seem to be good.You might try drinking Ensure or go to a Rite Aid and pick up their version of a nutrition drink.I use the "plus",gives 360 calories. EDIT I know,I look for coupons and sales.I've used many vitamin supplements over the years and Centrum has a workable balance...