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Popular Q&A

Are there any coupon codes for Laura Mercier Stickgloss Palette 5x Stickgloss?
Laura Mercier Stickgloss Palette - 5x Stickgloss Double Ended Lip Pencil with Lip Brush - 4g / 0.14oz $43.95 * Sale stickgloss palette: 5x stickgloss 0.8g ( #patchouli #maple #baked earth #brown sugar #peony ) 1x double ended lip pencil with lip brush - #chestnutproduct line: laura mercier...

Can I use coupons at Food Lion also with my mvp card?
Yes, it should be like any other grocery store. The MVP program is a way of doing market research: in exchange for a deal on groceries, the store is keeping track of what you buy in order to determine how to market to you and to the general public. Coupons, on the other hand, are entirely paid...

Where to Get Huggies Coupons?
Wow. A lot of answers that won't get you anywhere huh? Head over to and sign up for their mailing list. They'll send you coupons once a month after that. You can also call them and request coupons. Also, keep an eye on and, they will sometimes put...

If a blind date used a coupon while paying for dinner, how would you feel?
It wouldn't bug me. I'm a bargain-hunter so it is nice to know someone I am "interested" in also knows how to save money. Could be a sign of a penny-pincher, but likely is just a sign of someone careful and cautious with their money. Nothing wrong with that.

Where can I get good, but cheap laundry detergent?
Arm & Hammer makes really great laundry detergent, you should give it a try. My husband only ever used Gain before I met him because of his sensitive skin, but he's fine with this brand too. I used to use bottles, but ever since we had our 2nd kid we go through it like water so I buy the biggest...