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Popular Q&A

How to tour the city of San Diego?
You should get off at the Santa Fe Depot downtown. All the major car rental companies are are Pacfic Highway next to the airport. The good news is the airport is 10 minutes from the train station. Your best bet would be take a cab to from the train station to the rental car company. It's a...

Always feminine pads....?
yes I have noticed. I think they are using less quality formulation on these things. You should write or call the company and complain..maybe they'll give you some coupons??

Mineral makeup question?
Revlon colorstay made me break out. Really hard to get it all off of your skin. Purest store brand is Physicians formula, but then you cant try samples! Never tried clinique, but wow is it expensive! I use the Hollywood formula of LA Minerals. My full size pot lasts me about 8-9 months. Yeah...

Help choose a laptop!?
The ASUS A53SD and Lenovo Y570 mentioned in other answers in this thread are not particularly good options, because they come with 15.6" 1366x768 displays. 15.6" displays that have 1366x768 resolution and 17.3" displays that have 1600x900 resolution make things onscreen large, and usually have...

Getting an oil change tomorrow and my husband said to ONLY use Castrol? Do shops usually carry a few different?
Places that do oil changes buy their oil in bulk for the best price. Kendall is used by many such places because it's competitively priced. They may or may not have other brands. It will make zero difference to your car. Unless you're out racing, the brand of oil is largely irrelevant. zxc090