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Popular Q&A

I'm planning to get Invisalign. It's kind of expensine. Are there any type of discounts/coupons?
Some people on Y!A have mentioned having coupons, but that doesn't mean that your orthodontist will take them. Invisalign may be more expensive than metal braces, but they are well worth the difference if you are an adult.

Accomadation In Florida?
High season in Florida is mid January to April but even then you should not have trouble finding a room, you are never far from a motel. We have done road trips without booking in advance with no problem but if you want to stay somewhere special it might be worth checking out advance rates...

Old people why can't they handle the 12 items or less lane?
I must first state that , the following are my "OPINIONS" which are not stated as facts, nor are the meant to offend. AND that the plight of the elderly in America is something I feel very strongly about. If someone who has been saving pennies since 1922 can even make it TO the store on...

You will get the best responses from local businesses- national chains won't do much- they donate their funds to national/global issues. Buy one/get one coupons are a great deal for a lot of businesses- like your organization buys 1 round of golf and the golf course donates 3 for a 4-some....

Where can I find Haloumi cheese in Indianapolis?
Al-Basha should definitely have haloumi cheese. They have all sorts of middle eastern foods. They are in Village Square, on Allisonville Road behind Tire Barn. Al-Basha 11321 Village Square Lane Fishers, IN Phone: (317) 578-0040 They also have a carry-out restaurant, so if you interested...