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Popular Q&A

Is this a good tv? easy 10 points?
This is about the 3rd best tv brand in the market. Plasma tv still offer the best picture quality of any tv in the market today and also less expensive. Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the reviews. In September issue they featured a Panasonic Plasma 42" and compared it to a Sony...

Are there any coupon codes for Bosch 420B ICON Wiper Blade?
You can purchase the Bosch 420B ICON Wiper Blade at Amazon for $17.37. Product Features: * Dual precision-tensioned steel springs help create tension memory, applying uniform pressure along the entire blade length * Aerodynamic wind spoiler creates downforce, preventing blade lift-off * Exclusive...

Are there any coupon codes for Remede Alchemy Facial Tonique?
You can find Remede Alchemy Facial Tonique at and has coupon codes.

Does using grocery ecoupons really work? How do I get started? Are there some good web pages I could look at?
Yes, they do work, but ONLY IF YOU SHOP WISELY & USE THE COUPONS FOR THE THINGS THAT YOU WOULD REGULARLY BUY. Otherwise, you're wasting more money than you're saving.....For example (bear with me here!!) Say the coupon is for $2.00 off you next purchase of Sargento Bistro Style Shredded Cheese...

I found a blue latex glove inside my Eggo Waffles Box?
I would call the company. If it's not inside the packaging I'd still eat the waffles... there are bound to be errors in a few packages out of a million, and they want to know which ones they are. They SHOULD send you a bunch of coupons for free stuff! (I once got a Dove bar package that only...