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Popular Q&A

Whats the best kit for teeth whitner?
I just saw my dentist last week and asked them this same question. Premium Whitestrips are the best by far. Crest makes them, but Target makes a version that are identical (consider it like a generic drug), as effective and about $10.00 cheaper. The Target Premium Whitestrips are about $19...

I need to rent a car with a budget under $300, incluing insurance, oil, etc.?
you can rent a car for as little as $29 a day. finding a weekly for $300 would take some searching and possibly a discount coupon or online special. also if your under 25 they have additional fees as well. do you have a credit card? does it provide any insurance coverage? how about your insurance...

I've heard good things about You might need to pay membership fees to use it. It helps you couple manufacture coupons with the in-store special days. Also, you can try, it is free. It is a big time-saver for finding coupons and deals online. You can...

What are some good cat food's Do you think wellness Is one?
I used to feed my cats fancy feast before i read that it has the highest caloric count of any cat food. I have been feeding them wellness for about 2 years now and they seem to like it. They like the Salmon Dry food over the Chicken. You can get all kinds of coupons for wellness, sign up for...