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Popular Q&A

When you complain about a product and the company sends a "full value replacement coupon" what does that mean?
I believe it means that the coupon is of equal value to the product you bought which you can use towards the purchase of product from that company.

Does kroger take military coupons?
Yes they do because overseas military personnel can use expired coupons up to six months past their expiration date. Military families are stationed overseas are living on one income and have scarce money. Some stores support our military by showing them some coupon love! They are to send...

I need coupons mailed to my house.?
You can get them from a coupon clipping service like the coupon clippers. They charge a small fee for their service, but IMHO, it is worth it. I have used them for months and save a ton on groceries. Here is the link:

Is there any brand new coupon codes for hp laptops thats not expired yet? has them

Can anyone Here Help on this Question.?
I listed a word or acronym for each letter requested. I also provided a few definitions, but you need to supply the rest. Engineering, Computer, Robots & Robotics, Electronics ST, Chips, Cyborg, Cybernetics, bioengineering, biomedical Products, tissue engineering, cloning, artificial intelligence...