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Popular Q&A

Printed coupons from long john silvers says online coupons will the store still take them?
View the coupon for any restrictions/conditions or the website. If there's nothing that says 'only to be used for online purchases' or anything of that nature you may be fine. -)

Cheap places for eyeglasses in DC?
For Eyes, which has several locations around the area, has pretty cheap prices, and they often run coupon specials online and in the Sunday Washington Post. More importantly, they got very good ratings from Consumer Reports magazine for the quality of their glasses. Main Web site: http://www...

Need help printing online coupons from my Mac?
Hi Erinn, I am from the Support team at We are sorry to hear about your troubles with our software and sincerely apologize for not being able to provide you with answers sooner. We recently discovered an issue with our Coupon Printer that does not allow it to function properly...

Coupons at Walmart?
They do and will usually take other stores' coupons too. As for the cheapest grocery store.. you're probably best sticking with the Super Walmart. Not sure if you have an Albertson's out there or not, but I find that store a little over priced. Certain buy one get one free items will be...

Where's the cheapest parking at the Seattle airport?
I went to Orlando last summer and used Park-n-Jet. It was under 50 bucks for five days. They have a secure lot and shuttle to the airport. When I got back in town it was just a matter of going up to this phone just outside baggage claim, punching the number for Park-n-Jet and the shuttle...