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Popular Q&A

Where can I buy Honda accord Genuine Oil Filter and oil, auto transmission fluid?
Locksmith is right. Go to the dealership for all your "Genuine Honda" parts and accessories. You may not know, however, there isn't really such a thing as Genuine Honda Oil. Even if you were to take it to the dealership, they would still put generic oil in. They usually use Honda filters, and...

Can you tell me how to organize a 5K 10k race and how much to budget?
Here is the link to USATF: On the left hand side of the page, click on "Event Directors." You will need to go to City Hall to find out about the permits and about closing streets. The race will have to pay for the streets to be closed because the police officers who will...

What should i feed my 5-6month old lab puppy?
I started all of my puppies on Merrick...I continued Merrick until recently when I started working my dogs. I am currently on Wellness Core. Both foods are very good though! Stay away from foods with lots of fillers, and garbage...but you are on the right track it looks like.

Anyone have any printable shoe coupons?
They have shoe coupons like FootLocker, Famous Footwear

Where can i buy halo, and what other brands for cats and dogs are as good but a little cheaper possibly?
Halo is at my local Petco, as well as at a local natural foods kind of supermarket. Petsmart does NOT carry it. Make sure you sign up at - you can get coupons there to help with the cost. Petco recently had a sale where if you bought three cans, the fourth was free. Watch...