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Popular Q&A

What can I add to store bought frosting to make it taste better? It was on sale and I had a coupon so I bought some.?
It depends on the flavor. Vanilla frosting, add a bit more vanilla and about 1/4 tsp of almond extract. A bit of lemon zest may perk up a can of frosting if that flavor goes with your cake. Thin it down by heating it and use it as a glaze for a bundt cake or loaf cake. You will not have to...

Does the Glade automatic spray refill fit in an Air Wick automatic dispenser?
They don't- match, that's just the companies way of ensuring you always coming back. Getting Glade coupons isn't difficult so if you search for them you will wont have to worry about the wick air freshener coupons

Everything I'm about to post about is my opinion of both the Natasha and Lil Ukita purse as well as some of the designers you've asked about. First off I have both the Natasha and Lil Ukita bag, not trying to brag at all! Just stating my opinion in hopes to help anyone that is curious about...

Never Shout Never Tickets??????
I search your ticket 4 event schedule in germany click here use coupon for free shipping HOLIDAYSHIP2011 and AFF$10 for $10 discounts. GA tickets available for $172.

How much do you pay for nutrisystem?
Nutrisystem works out to roughly $10-$12 a day. But the meals are delivered, and when you think about it this diet really does not cost any more than groceries and the gas it takes to get them. You can often get trials for a few meals free. A typical day would include 3 meals and 2 snacks and...