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Anyone have any idea where i can get baby formula coupons or free sample of formula?
go to and sign up for their website. I know enfamil sends loads of coupons to you when you sign. very best baby (nestle) does also so I assume similac does. yeas they do sign up here:

Why cant I down load the coupon printer on Vista, destination folder access denied!?
You are probably safer by not installing it. It seems people don't like Coupon Printers and what the do (or rather claim, they don't do.)

2000 ford explore problems?
A full tranny rebuild at a ford dealership will only run you around 300 for a 2000 explorer for the problems they supposedly had. I still have mine and it has 300k+ miles on it. But as for the pulling problem, you will just need a realignment. But you can take it to a ford dealership and they...

Borders Coupons Please?
30% off any one item at Borders. Code BDY7482A (For members) (Exp. 04/12/2010) 30% off any one item at Borders. Code BUF7483B (Exp. 04/12/2010) $10 off $50 Orders at BooksAMillion. Use coupon code AFEBATEN (Exp. 04/30/2010)

Are there any coupon codes for Samsung Highlight t749 Phone?
List Price: $349.99 Price: $0.01 (with new service plan) You Save: $349.98 (100%) Technical Details * 3G-enabled touchscreen phone in ice blue with full HTML browsing, RSS reader, and access to email and instant messaging * Compatible with T-Mobile's 3G network (available in select markets)-...