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Popular Q&A coupons are for U.S.A. dell. But are those coupons going to work in for CAnada dell.?
Here are the Canada Deals

Solve for p?????????
You start with this: 29 - p = 996 Put 'p' by itself (move the 29 to the other side, away from 'p'): - p = 996 - 29 (Notice that 'p' kept its negative sign, from the beginning of the problem) Subtract 29 from 996: - p = 996 - 29 - p = 967 'p' can't be negative, so switch it to a positive number:...

How much for a 60000 miles service for a 2003 Matrix XR and a smog check ?
Like with any services, you would be best served to call around for pricing. You typically should shop around for dealership pricing for the "major" services, particularly if you only ask for the X mile service (and not for what actually needs to be done to your car per the scheduled maintenance...

Homemade coupon ideas?
Well, you and your boyfriend are 'active', you could try interesting naughty coupons. Don't be afraid to get a little kinky! ^_^ Or you could go the more traditional route and do really helpful cute ones. Coupons for back and foot massages, watch whatever movie he wants to watch, you cook...

Where can i find active Travel Discount Coupons?
Here you can find coupon code, coupon codes, coupon codes, coupon codes, Travelocity Discount codes, travelguru discount codes, discount coupons and promo codes. They usually update all offers and deals available on domestic flight...