Q: Vegas discount/coupon websites?

A:I have got these for the last 2 time we went to Vegas. Lots of good deals, also alot of off strip coupons which we thought was cool, it got us away from the cro...Read More »

Q: Vegas Coupons for "Freebies & Discounts"...?

A:Print one of these off for each of you, $10 free play.… The best free coupons in Las Vegas are from the Fremont Street ...Read More »

Q: Where can I get discount coupons for Grand Canyon helicopter tour...

A:Try this link: https://affiliate.grandca. nyonone.Read More »

Q: Las Vegas Restaurant Coupons and Discounts

A:A trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, would not be complete without stoppiRead More »

Q: How to Find Coupons and Discounts.

A:1. Browse available coupons online at coupon sites such as Smart Source, Red Plum, Coupon Mom and Coupon Map. If you find coupons matching items on your shoppin...Read More »

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Las Vegas indoor skydiving??? ( is it worth it )?
It's an expensive thing to do. It is actually much less than a TANDEM jump out of a real airplane where you get a lot less than 3 minutes of free fall. ==================== It's a thrill. Normally you would associate going through a wind at 120 miles and hour with extreme acceleration (i.e...

Omg xD Randomness Suryvey :D!!?
Sure :) I will take it..hold on.. O.o 1*Umm 25 cents...and a coupon for Pizza hut O__o 2*A piece of bread. >.< gah. 3* Moola :) haha :D $ 4*Geico that little Gecko gets to me :D 5* Muffins ~! 6*Will Smith !!!! 7* Winter :D:D:D The snow and whatnot* 8*Doggy!~!!~!~! Like Gir himself over there << 9*Ketchup 0__o 10* My pets :) 11*Americans ~ Whoppee :) 12*Ack :) 13*Sure :):):) 14* O yeah :D Best surveys in forever :)

Hello All!! The wife and I are staying at Planet Hollywood oct 11th-16th. This is our first time in Vegas.....?
Welcome and relax. Don't plan too much because there are a lot of distractions here. Planet Hollywood is in the final stages of remodeling... It was the Aladdin. The rooms are the last to get made over. From what I hear, they did a nice job on them as well. It is also nicely placed for location...

Question regarding double coupons?
It usually means A. But this means that they would double a 99 cent coupon, but not a $1.00 one. Also, make sure that your coupon does not say "Do Not Double" on it. If it says this, the store may or may not double it, depending on their register system, and if the cashier is paying attention...

Does anyone own a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?
I bought one, the yellow one called the ball i believe. i returned it. I didn't like how heavy it waqs, it didn't transition from hard floor to my area rug without lifting it up, and it was a pain to get the wand in and out to use the hand held suction part to get into corners and small spaces...