Q: Who invented purina cat chow?

A:Dr Paul L. Carey, Ralston Purina Company.Read More »

Q: Why is purina cat chow not good?

A:sometimes dry cat food can have carbs (rice, wheat) and that is bad for the kitty. that's what a crazy cat lady vet told me, but I feed my kitty science diet. i...Read More »

Q: What's wrong with Purina cat chow?

A:Never had a problem. It may just be your cat that is sensitive to it.Read More »

Q: Where can one find printable Purina cat food coupons?

A:Printable Purina cat food coupons can be found on Purina, Coupon Mama, Retail Me Not, Couponaholic, Queen Bee Coupons, Coupon Cravings and Passion For Savings.Read More »

Q: Is purina cat chow made from horses?

A:The main components of your cat's packaged food are not unlike those of human diets: carbohydrat...Read More »

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