Q: What can you do with Jenny Craig coupons?

A:Jenny Craig coupons are used on many different Jenny Craig products to get discounts on Jenny Craig services and products. They are great for getting a deal on ...Read More »

Q: Who owns Jennie-O Foods?

A:Jennie-O Foods is owned by Hormel.Read More »

Q: What is the nutrition in Jennie O Turkey Sausage?

A:Nutrition Facts for Jennie-O Turkey Sausage are: Serving Size 109 gRead More »

Q: How many calories are in a Jenny O turkey burger?

A:Jennie-O's Turkey: Burger, Savory Seasoned, 7% less fat has 160Read More »

Q: When is birthday of Jenny O'Hara ?

A:24 February 1942 , Sonora, California, USARead More »

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